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4 Potential Ways to Prove Employer Negligence

When you are at work, you expect that the employer has taken all the necessary steps to guarantee your health and safety. However, this is sometimes not the case. Workers can face exposure to unsafe conditions simply because the boss is ignorant of their safety.

Finding a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer to Help You

A nursing home is a skilled nursing facility that provides housing medical care. This place is recommendable for patients who need continuous medical attention. This type of attention might be difficult to provide at home. A nursing home has medical workers working around the clock 24 hours.

What to Look for When Selecting a Nursing Home for an Alzheimer's Patient

There comes a time when the Alzheimer’s diseases progresses in a loved one necessitating the need for care in a nursing home. It is important to understand the needs your loved one has so that you can choose the best nursing home that can meet those needs. Since there are no nursing homes that specifically handle Alzheimer’s patients, it is important to ensure that you choose a home that your loved one will receive quality health care and safety. Here are some ways to do this:

Wrongful Death Nursing Home in NY Bklyn Discovered Home Changed Owners When She Was Falling

When you take your loved one to a nursing home, all you think about is that he will receive the best health care. You think about your loved one having the opportunity to hang out with his peers and not feel isolated and alone in his frailty. The last thing you ever think about is your loved one dying because of neglect and abuse. Sadly, this sometimes happen when a resident is in a nursing home.

What Records Do I Need for an Action Against a Nursing Home?

When you register your loved one in a nursing home, the last thing that you would expect is abuse and neglect. However, there are times when this happens and the resident suffers from injuries that would have been preventable had he received proper care while in the home.

What is Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Before you decide to take your loved one to a nursing home, he or she is frail and needs quality health care. At this time, it makes perfect sense for the elderly to stay at the home where the nurses and other staff are qualified to offer care and other needs to your loved one. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Nursing Home Hides Fall of Resident

It is one thing for a caregiver to neglect standard care to a resident. It is another thing for the nursing home to hide an injury as bad as a fall. Falls happen when the caregiver is simply not paying attention to the resident. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS, agree that falls in nursing homes are three times more than in community residences. These falls lead to fractures and lacerations. Immediate hospital care is important to deal with the pain and prevent complications.

Nursing Home Abuse Investigation Launched

Nursing home abuse occurs when individuals who are placed in the care of nursing home employees are offered sub standard services or neglected to the point of health deterioration. When it comes to dealing with nursing homes, there have been a lot of concerns as to what happens behind closed doors. This is because nursing homes are not really hospitals but a form of therapeutically level of service provision and therefore the regulations have been unclear for quite a number of years.

Medication Errors Injure and Kill Thousands of People Every Year

According to a test carried out by the Institute of Medicine, over one and a half Americans suffer injury from medication errors every year. A nurse at home may have administered the medication, in the hospital or at the doctor’s office. The report also said that a patient admitted at a hospital is usually subject to at least 1 error in medication daily. Even though most of these medication errors do not cause any noticeable damage there are those that can go on to cause permanent injury or injury serious enough to cause death. It has been found that one of the leading causes of death in the United States is medication error. 

State Receives Grant to Fight Nursing Home Abuse

When people make the choice to place their elderly family members in nursing homes they believe that their loved ones will receive quality care. The abuse that goes on in nursing homes can be avoided when management invests in training and monitoring the activities of the employees. Despite the measures that need to be put in place, nursing home residents end up with injuries and illnesses that result from being manhandled and low quality care. The recruitment process is a fundamental aspect of preventing negligence.

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