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POSTS TAGGED "medical malpractice"

What Is Disability Insurance? 3 Basic Questions

Accidents can occur at any time of the day or night. This is why there is insurance to cover people against the risk of such occurrences. It is simply a matter of selecting the best insurance carrier nowadays because there are so many of them. Furthermore, there are several covers that you can select from. These include the likes of disability insurance. If there is anything that is better to cover you against loss of income, it has to be this insurance cover. The only problem is that people do not really understand what it is all about.

I-1163 Claims to Protect Vulnerable Citizens

A careful look at nursing homes, in-home care and group homes will reveal the growing trend of elder abuse in America. The debilitating effects of this trend necessitate the need to come up with a permanent solution to this problem. The fact of the matter is that home caregivers are perpetrators of this heinous crime. However, not all caregivers and in-home care workers are abusers. It is therefore important to distinguish between these two categories.

Prostate Cancer Vaccine on the Horizon

There has always been a need to have a vaccine for prostate cancer. In this case, the FDA has approved Provenge, which is the first therapeutic vaccine for metastatic prostate cancer. This vaccine will be available within the next year and will be administered to patients who are suspected to have symptoms for advanced prostate cancer. This new vaccine cannot be compared to other types of preventive vaccines, which are normally administered to patients in order to stimulate the immune system that helps people to protect themselves from getting a disease.

Pap Smear Replacement?

Are you interested in filing a personal injury claim resulting from pap smear replacement? A confidential settlement can be reached between you and the medical personnel responsible for your mis-diagnosis or personal injury. Pre-invasive cancer can be screened and it can be treated in an effective manner. Unfortunately, because some institutions are more interested in making more profit, screeners can be asked to review a lot more slides than they can reasonably handle. This leads to cancerous slides being falsely flagged as negative. Has your loved one died due to a false pap smear replacement? You can get compensation because this is a wrongful death from a disease that can be prevented.

Hospitals in Nation's Capital Required to Report Avoidable Mistakes

The mistakes usually arise from negligence during surgery or issuing the wrong treatment. At times, the medics may leave the operating equipment inside the patient, operate on the wrong patients or even fail to sew them up properly. All these are uncalled-for mistakes and when they happen the law requires that the hospitals report them immediately. The mistakes usually lead to the death or infection of the involved patient. Whatever the damage that is caused, the hospital is supposed to compensate the patient or his or her family members. However the compensation should not cover for reporting.

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