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New York Personal Injury Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of another person or organization, it is important to know your legal rights. Keeping current on relevant legislation and court decisions involving personal injury and medical malpractice claims is an important part of recognizing and asserting your rights.

At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman, P.C., we have dedicated our careers to helping people throughout New York with issues ranging from car accidents and workplace accidents to birth injuries and surgical errors. We have created this Blog for the purpose of informing injury victims on new developments in legal areas that affect them.

We also hope this Blog allows us to learn more about your concerns. We invite you to share your opinions, worries and questions about the topics we discuss on these pages.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us today, and please check back for regular updates. Contact us today online or by telephone at 888-4-TGLAW to discuss your specific legal problem.

3 Reasons Your Injury Settlement May Be Rejected

Being injured does not always have to be your fault. Injury occurs in different forms under different circumstances. You can get injured by accident or because of your own carelessness. Sometimes, something or somebody else’s slackness might be the cause of your injuries.

Man Framed for Murder by N.Y. Cop Gets $6.4M

What would you do when you got out of prison after someone has framed you for murder? The first thing in some people’s mind is to commit the actual crime because of the anger. However, this is not the case here as David Ranta filed a lawsuit against the City of New York. Recently his case settled for $6.4 million. Now this is not enough for the twenty-three years he spent in prison after being framed for murder by a detective of the NYPD. The 58 year old went to prison for a murder he did not commit based on a fabrication by a rogue detective going by the name Louis Scarcella.

Symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome

 Post-concussion syndrome results after a traumatic brain injury. A doctor normally diagnosis this after observation of certain symptoms are observed. It is important for those who have had brain injury in the past to watch out for these signs. If they observe more than one symptom, it is necessary to consult with a professional on treatment. These include:

When Can You Sue for Loss of Consortium?

Did you know that you could sue for loss of consortium? Now this is one of those huge terms you might hear in a court of law and your head starts to ache for no apparent reason. Well, simply put, this is a type of personal injury claim. It is where there are damages that lead to the loss of normal marital relations and loss of affection. There are some even more complex cases where consortium is applied to loss of relationship between parents and their children. However, filing one of these lawsuits can be extremely tricky. You need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to do it successfully. When can you file such a lawsuit?

What Is Disability Insurance? 3 Basic Questions

Accidents can occur at any time of the day or night. This is why there is insurance to cover people against the risk of such occurrences. It is simply a matter of selecting the best insurance carrier nowadays because there are so many of them. Furthermore, there are several covers that you can select from. These include the likes of disability insurance. If there is anything that is better to cover you against loss of income, it has to be this insurance cover. The only problem is that people do not really understand what it is all about.

Why Can Not Jurors or Attorneys Go Online & Google the Case?

The jury plays a huge role in determining the outcome of a case. Their work is what you might describe as helping the judge listen to the case. They listen and give their verdict based on the testimonies that have been presented in court. Contrary to popular opinion, the selection of the jury is more than just a random selection of people who are told to sit and listen to a case and deliberate upon it. There are rules and regulations that govern juror conduct - the dos and don’ts of jury practice.

What to Look for When Selecting a Nursing Home for an Alzheimer's Patient

There comes a time when the Alzheimer’s diseases progresses in a loved one necessitating the need for care in a nursing home. It is important to understand the needs your loved one has so that you can choose the best nursing home that can meet those needs. Since there are no nursing homes that specifically handle Alzheimer’s patients, it is important to ensure that you choose a home that your loved one will receive quality health care and safety. Here are some ways to do this:

Understanding Sepsis and the Causes of Sepsis

A patient suffers from sepsis when his immunity overwhelms the body when fighting an infection. When you have an infection, chemicals are released in the blood. These fight the infection. However, an overwhelming response to this infection can lead to inflammation. Inflammation later leads to organ damage. Patients can also suffer from blood clots during sepsis. This leads to a reduction of blood to the limbs and organs. When the organs are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, they start to fail. 

Wrongful Death Nursing Home in NY Bklyn Discovered Home Changed Owners When She Was Falling

When you take your loved one to a nursing home, all you think about is that he will receive the best health care. You think about your loved one having the opportunity to hang out with his peers and not feel isolated and alone in his frailty. The last thing you ever think about is your loved one dying because of neglect and abuse. Sadly, this sometimes happen when a resident is in a nursing home.

If You Are Injured at the Gym, Can You Sue?

Everyone seems to be going to the gym nowadays. The early morning hours just before work are the perfect time to hit the gym. This is good, very good as a matter of fact. Men and women alike are able to stay fit and healthy. You can find them in gyms doing all sorts of exercises. So if you were wondering where those big chests, biceps and flat tummies are coming from, it is the gym. Something else that you can get at the gym is an injury - and a serious one at that.

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