Traffic stops are put in place to ensure motorists are safe. Further, their safety must go hand in hand with them following traffic rules to the letter. Along any traffic stop there is a police or surveillance to ensure motorists obey the signs. Most importantly, a traffic officer present is always supposed to direct motorists, make sure they do right and protect their safety rights on the roads.

Not every civilian is a good person. With this in mind, it clearly shows not all motorists are good too. For many years, roads have been used to commit several crimes. In fact, cars on the road are used for drug trafficking. They are used for transporting thieves and gangs to their crime destinations and many more evils.

On the other hand, not all road users are unscrupulous. In that, just because a car was speeding or missed a turn does not always mean it’s a crime intention. It could mean there is an emergency, an unfortunate event of forgetting, someone is sick or negligence on the part of the law officer. If your rights are violated under these circumstances, you have every right to sue for damages caused.

David Eckert from Mexico aged 64 sued officials from Hidalgo County for an alleged medical anal rape. He was forced to get a colonoscopy. This was because he passed through a stop sign. This in turn made Hidalgo County authorities to perform a series of unnecessary medical procedures. The process was without his consent. The procedures are said to have been due to a false alarm

With the help of his lawyer, who filed a case in the U.S District court, he is entitled to over 3 million dollars in settlement for compensation. This representation was very important because these lawyers helped to prove that his Fourth Amendment rights were highly violated.

A similar case involved Timothy young in 2012. He was pulled over for failing to use the car signal when turning. This led to an anal probe for all the wrong reasons. There are many more cases and anyone can be in the same situation.

Summarily, every human is entitled to his or her privacy. Human is to error, but every action against them should fall within the law. No person or officer is above the law and therefore all procedures they carry should not infringe rights. Most importantly, everyone is entitled to representation from a good lawyer to ensure they get justice whenever necessary.