You might have invested a lot of faith in insurance companies but the truth of the matter is that you do not know everything yet. Yes, they will pay you but if you are not careful, they will ensure that the compensation happens in their own terms thus the need for you to know what their precious secrets are.

1.    Be wary of business and pleasure

Insurance adjusters are always going to appear friendly simply because the lesser they pay you the more money they make. Therefore do not be blinded by the friendliness, stick to what you want.

2.    Insurance Companies hate lawyers

Whenever you want to negotiate a claim then you had better do so with the help of a lawyer. Why? Because insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney. In fact, they will tell you that you are better off alone than with a lazy and greedy lawyer. With insurance guys, you will always need back up.

3.    You will be told the wrong things

Without someone to help you interpret the law and know your rights, the insurance company will tell you all sorts of things. Most of the times the company will tell you that you are not entitled to certain claims.

4.    The adjuster knows how to play poker

The truth of the matter is that the adjuster will do all he can to ensure that you “fall into their hands”. Where do you think phrases like “That’s our best offer” came from or why are they said?

5.    They want to settle everything

The insurance company needs you and it does want to settle the case before it ends up in court. The company does act as if going to court does not scare it. You need to get an attorney as fast as possible since there will be a lot of discounting of your case’s value if you don’t.

6.    You are always in the dark

Insurance companies know that ignorance is bliss and so they will keep you in the dark when it comes to your compensation rights for things such as medication or damage to things that were in your vehicle.

The insurance industry is a multibillion one all over the world. It even set aside reserves for any major catastrophes and therefore it should not hold back from giving you your rightful claims. Get a good attorney and start the process now that you know what truly happens.