When you are at work, you expect that the employer has taken all the necessary steps to guarantee your health and safety. However, this is sometimes not the case. Workers can face exposure to unsafe conditions simply because the boss is ignorant of their safety.

For you to prove employer negligence, you need to prove three things: the employer owes you a duty and he breached that duty. There also must be a causable result of the breach.

Here are some ways to prove employer negligence while at the work place:

·       Negligent hiring:  Employers must ensure that they screen individuals before hiring them. This is because an employee can injure another if he or she is careless while working. Severe cases of negligent hiring lead to sexual assault, loss of property and murder. When the employer fails to conduct the necessary background check before hiring someone, such disasters can happen at the work place.

·       Negligent training: When the employer fails to train the employees, there are times when one employee can injure another because he simply did not know how to perform the task. In cases where the employee harasses clients without reason, the employer can sue for the same.

·       Negligent retention: Sometimes, an employer hires someone and then he discovers that the worker is unfit for the job. The employer retains the worker and then he injures another while working. The employer is therefore liable for the injuries of the injured worker. Negligent retention also happens when the employer does not reassign or discharge the employee. If the employer is also unaware of the incompetence of his employee, he can face a lawsuit for negligence.

·       Negligent supervision: This happens when an employer fails to monitor the work of the employees. When there is no control on the actions of employees, injuries are bound to happen.

Employers have the responsibility of ensuring that the work place is safe from hazards. OSHA work place safety sets out requirements that these employers must follow so that workers do not have to worry about their health or safety while working.

If you suffer from work place injuries because of the employer’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation through workers’ compensation benefits. You can also seek compensation when another employee causes your injuries because of the above reasons. With the assistance of an attorney, you will get compensation for these injuries.