The jury plays a huge role in determining the outcome of a case. Their work is what you might describe as helping the judge listen to the case. They listen and give their verdict based on the testimonies that have been presented in court. Contrary to popular opinion, the selection of the jury is more than just a random selection of people who are told to sit and listen to a case and deliberate upon it. There are rules and regulations that govern juror conduct - the dos and don’ts of jury practice.

Google and the case

While Google is a great tool for finding great online shopping sites and such, it cannot be a reliable source for cases that are taking place. This is because there are so many people posting online about the case and the information that they present might not be accurate. Jurors go about searching for information about the case, which can be quite concerning for several reasons.

For starters, the jurors may use the Internet to obtain information that the judge has already ruled out as irrelevant or inadmissible. Knowledge of such information will affect the verdict that they are going to make when it comes to the deliberations part.

Secondly, the jurors can also violate the confidentiality of jury deliberations. Some do this very innocently by communicating information with outsiders who have the potential of influencing the verdict. Discussing the deliberations of the jury with other non-jury members will definitely have an effect on the impartiality of the juror.

Research on lawyers

Researching on the case can be understood, although it is wrong, but why would a juror be researching on the lawyer? Do they want to find out which high profile cases they have won before or something? This does not help with the case being handled at the moment. The jurors should not research on the lawyers as they increase the likelihood of being biased.

For a free and fair trial, the decisions made by the jury should only be based solely on the evidence and testimony that has been brought before the judge in the courtroom during the course of the trial. Using the Internet to research information on legal terms, the attorneys, defendants, laws governing the case or anything else related to the case can lead to a mistrial. Only one juror needs to do this for a mistrial and an appeal of jury verdict to be reached.