A court held two students in California liable for defaming their teacher. The teacher taught physical education in a Catholic school. The girls called him a “perv” and spread rumors that he touched kids inappropriately. They also falsely accused him of being a “creeper” and that he peeked into the restroom that belonged to the girls while in school.

The teacher was therefore cleared of all allegations and received damages in the amount of $ 362, 653. He would also receive punitive damages because the rumors were malicious and intended to ruin his reputation. Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendants for defaming another person and inflicting injuries simply because they can. In this case, the Santa Clara Superior Court established that the girls did act in malice and therefore the teacher was entitled to punitive damages.

What led to the teacher receiving compensation for defamation?

1.    In a defamation case, you need to prove that the statements made against you led to damage. This could be loss of income or work and emotional distress because your reputation is ruined.

2.    In California, defamation per se law exists. In this law, a victim of defamation has every right to file a lawsuit if it is damaging to your character. If the defamation claims that you are sexually active while unmarried and this is untrue, you can file this lawsuit. There are cases where the victim of defamation gets wrong accusation of transmitting sexual diseases or committing a crime.

3.    The law allows for the victim of the crime to seek compensatory damages. These are expenses for humiliation and suffering. If the false allegations cost you the opportunity to earn an income, you can sue for the same.  

Defamation can ruin your life. It jeopardizes your freedom especially if accused of a crime that you did not commit. It can also lead to termination of employment. It is worse when it ruins your reputation because no amount of money can buy a good name. This can lead to emotional distress and affect your health. Parents should therefore ensure that their children do not lead them to unnecessary lawsuits because they decided to pass false allegations against their teachers.

 If you are a victim of defamation, you need to hire an attorney to assist you in clearing your name. It is also important to hold the person spreading the lies accountable so that he or she does not defame other people. With the assistance of an attorney, you will get compensation for your loss.