Post-concussion syndrome results after a traumatic brain injury. A doctor normally diagnosis this after observation of certain symptoms are observed. It is important for those who have had brain injury in the past to watch out for these signs. If they observe more than one symptom, it is necessary to consult with a professional on treatment. These include:

·       Constant headaches are among the most common symptoms. This is especially experienced in the area directly where the injury occurred. Taking painkillers can relieve these or they could be persistent.

·       Dizziness is another symptom. An injured person can experience this anytime he does a lot of work or even when resting. In worse cases, vertigo is present where one has a spinning sensation. It can come with a feeling of nausea, vomiting or balance difficulties.

·       Fatigue is also an associated sign of post-concussion syndrome. One can get tired after doing relatively little work.

·       Patients should look out for memory issues and trouble concentrating. Temporary amnesia is also a problem in some cases.

·       Sleeping problems are among the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. Insomnia is a common issue among such individuals. The lack of sleep makes other symptoms such as fatigue, lack of concentration more pronounced.

·       Other signs include physiological symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and even depression. This can make it difficult for people to cope at work or at school.

The treatment for post-concussion syndrome is usually a lot of rest. A victim can enhance this by reducing any factors that cause stress. In order for treatment to be successful, those around the individual should cooperate and provide support. They should be understanding and patient with the victim especially when they are irritable or depressed.

Treatment for the symptoms of post-concussion syndrome can through prescription of pain medications and antidepressants. Special care by a neurologist or a psychiatrist is recommendable. Anyone who has had traumatic brain injury should consult the insurance provider for assistance in getting special medical attention.

It is advisable to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer to assist in filing these claims. The lawyer will get all the necessary paper work done and file them. If there are any negotiations to undertake, the lawyers will mediate between you and the insurance company. They will ensure you get the necessary financial assistance to allow you seek medication. It is always better to get an expert to help you early than going it on your own.