After an injury at the work place, the next thing that happens is the employer agrees to offer worker compensation benefits. These benefits base on the doctor’s instruction that you might need several weeks off work so that you can recover. The employee is entitled to worker compensation benefits such as temporary disability benefits and permanent partial disability benefits.

Another benefit that workers are entitled to after an injury at work is vocational rehabilitation. In this case, the worker suffers from injuries that prevent him from going back to the previous employment. He then needs to go back to college and study for a new career. While studying, you may also receive temporary disability benefits. In this case, the employer’s insurance will arrange for job placement and assistance in finding a school for the worker to receive training in a new career.

Here are some other vocational placement benefits that you are entitled to:

1.    Career or job counseling respectively: In this case, the worker will meet with a social worker or a counselor so to assist him in coping with the change of jobs. This is especially when the worker has been emotionally affected with the change of jobs.

2.    Job placement: This is when the worker needs to find a new job. The insurer assists in filling out the job application and submitting the resume.  There are cases where the worker will be assisted to find accommodation should he need to move to another location.

There are cases where the insurance refuses to offer vocational placement to workers who cannot go back to work after an injury. The argument is usually that the worker has the capacity to return to work. Indeed, there are times when the insurer also refuses to offer temporary disability benefits when the worker finds a new job or is in school studying for a new job. In this case, you need to hire an attorney who is able to fight for you to receive these benefits. The benefits are usually two thirds of what you used to earn before.

 Sometimes the insurer might decide to pay less. With the assistance of an attorney, you will receive compensation that you rightly deserve so that your life can get back to normal. Your dependents will also benefit in the process.

Changing from one career or job to another is not just emotionally overwhelming but it can also affect the family financially. It is therefore important to seek the legal advice of an attorney for vocation placement decisions of the insurer.