What would you do when you got out of prison after someone has framed you for murder? The first thing in some people’s mind is to commit the actual crime because of the anger. However, this is not the case here as David Ranta filed a lawsuit against the City of New York. Recently his case settled for $6.4 million. Now this is not enough for the twenty-three years he spent in prison after being framed for murder by a detective of the NYPD. The 58 year old went to prison for a murder he did not commit based on a fabrication by a rogue detective going by the name Louis Scarcella.

The case at hand

Ranta went to jail back in the year 1990 for the murder of a Hasidic rabbi in Brooklyn. He claims that the former detective Scarcella plotted the evidence to the murder. The detective had been under investigation by the Conviction Integrity Unit of the office of the district attorney. This investigation discovered that Scarcella had used two witnesses who are career criminals. The two admitted that they had lied so that they can obtain ‘get-out-of-jail’ excursions provided by the detective.

Scarcella had even gone further to dropping one of the potential suspects in the case. The widow of the said suspect later confessed that her husband was the one that had committed the crime. The Brooklyn District Attorney dismissed the indictment of Ranta in 2013.

Settlement for loss

On his release, Ranta filed a lawsuit against the City of New York for $150 million. The parties settled for $6.4 million without involving the city’s legal department as reported by the Times. In New York City, like any other city in the country, those injured by the government should file an administrative tort claim with the said government body first before they can file a civil lawsuit. This allows the city, state or the federal government an opportunity to respond and correct the problem without involving the court system.

In as much as Ranta’s case settled for less than 5% of the initial demand, he did not have to see the inside of a courtroom. Another case of Alan Newton who had been in prison wrongfully for 20 years saw him receive a settlement of $18.5 million from the NYC. This is after DNA evidence exonerated him from the rape allegations.