Everyone seems to be going to the gym nowadays. The early morning hours just before work are the perfect time to hit the gym. This is good, very good as a matter of fact. Men and women alike are able to stay fit and healthy. You can find them in gyms doing all sorts of exercises. So if you were wondering where those big chests, biceps and flat tummies are coming from, it is the gym. Something else that you can get at the gym is an injury - and a serious one at that.

Gym injuries and membership

Injuries in the gym are fairly common. It could be something like a muscle fracture because you’ve done too many reps or something less of your fault like a machine’s spring breaking and slicing through your flesh. The severity of the injuries varies from one individual to another or one accident to another. Some accidents in the gym can lead to permanent disability or even death. Others are minor injuries that can be treated using first aid.

The question most people have is whether their gym membership allows them to recover the damages that they have incurred. Can you sue the gym if you get injured on the premises? The first thing that you need to do is have a word with your lawyer. It is only with the help of a lawyer that you will find out whether you are able to sue or not. You will also get to know what to sue for - personal injury or something else.

Liability waiver

Before you start working out at the gym, you have to sign a liability waiver - in most gyms that is. The likelihood of getting injured when lifting heavy weights is quite high. Therefore, gym owners usually protect themselves from lawsuits by enforcing these liability waivers. So what does the waiver that you signed say? Depending on the liability waiver in your contract, this will determine whether you can sue or not.

There are mainly three types of waivers: total waiver, negligence waiver and liability of intentional acts waiver. Depending on which one is in your contract, you may or may not be able to sue. A lawyer will be able to analyze your contract for you and advise you accordingly. This is why it is very important to talk to one for guidance.